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Arabian tea

In 2008 I traveled through the mountains and deserts of Oman. I was curious to discover an arabic country with its various faces and voices. With its smells and tastes. What I found was incredibly beautiful nature that gave me a feeling of total freedom. On the other hand, however, the society full of  patriarchal structures  seemed to cut off any freedom. This contrast accompanied me during my whole journey and made me realize just how big the differences between Eastern and Western cultures are.

The following photos were taken in the Hajar Mountains and the Ramlat al-Wahiba, a desert region.

I still remember vividly the first evening. I stood next to to beach with my tooth brush and watched the sundown. It was so amazing that I completely forgot about brushing.

Every night I slept under the starry sky. Usually many stars are not visible because the light pollution obscures them. Only in uninhabited regions you can see the Milky Way brightly and clearly. I was really enchanted by its beauty.

The common mean of transportation in the mountains are donkeys. From time to time “Shawawi” crossed my way, people who live in this mountain region and bring goods from one village to another.

In Oman, the coast of the Arabian Sea is the largest loggerhead turtle nesting beach in the world. Tourists can watch turtles at night when they come to the beach, but I decided not to so.  Loggerheads are considered an endangered species and it’s important not to disturb nesting turtles.

All photos by Saskia